This is Your Official Invitation

Squid Game Metaverse

Participate in the most exciting game of your life!

What lies ahead is a series of life-or-death games testing the limits of your abilities.
Will you be the lucky winner who will take home unimaginable rewards?


Secondary Marketplaces

This is your official invitation

Squid Game Metaverse

Participate in the
most exciting game of your life!

What lies ahead is a series of life-or-death games testing the limits of your abilities. Will you be the lucky winner who will take home unimaginable rewards?


Secondary Marketplaces


Octopus Game NFT is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated unique NFTs launching on the Solana blockchain. The collection features over 15 unique designs for each of the seven customizable attributes. Hand-drawn by our talented in-house artist.

The collection is further divided into 9,500 Participant and 500 Host/VIP NFTs.

Participant NFT (Seong Gi Hun)

As a holder of a Participant NFT, you are officially invited to our upcoming
Octopus Game Metaverse, where a series of breathtaking life-or-death competitions will be hosted.

The randomly generated, unique NFTs will be your virtual avatar in the metaverse, representing the only ticket to enter the Octopus Game Metaverse.

Host NFT (Frontman)

As a holder of the a Host NFT, you have the privilege of joining as one of the organizers of the Octopus Game. You will also be eligible for distributions of future profits generated by the Octopus Game Metaverse, which will be distributed as dividends.

You will also have the opportunity to work with the devs on the future of the Octopus Game Metaverse.


Only a select few will be lucky enough to hold a VIP NFT.

These extremely rare tokens come with significant economic as well as in-game metaverse benefits. Further details are to be announced.


NFT Tokenomics

Octopus Game NFT is the first NFT project of its kind to host a series of games in a virtual metaverse for holders to participate in. Octopus Game Metaverse will be available exclusively to our NFT holders and will be the virtual venue for our regular Octopus Game competitions. We aim to reward our holders through the accumulation and distribution of cash prizes as well as various other holder-exclusive features that provide additional revenue streams.

NFT Types

participant icon

Participant NFT

Holders of a Participant NFT will be eligible to access our metaverse and participate in the series of games being hosted. Your NFT will serve as a 3D virtual avatar for you in the metaverse, allowing you to immerse yourself in life-or-death contests against other participants!

host token icon


Holders of the rare Host NFT are assigned governance rights, akin to being an equity holder in our project. A total of 500 Host Tokens represent 25% of combined equity in the Octopus Game Metaverse. Future revenue streams generated from the metaverse will be distributed to Host Token holders as quarterly dividends.

Prize Pool


Minting Proceeds

The team will reserve 25% of the proceeds from the mint to be added to the initial Prize Pool.
The Prize Pool will later serve as the basis of cash distributions, which will be awarded to participants and winners of the Octopus Game competitions.



Octopus Game NFT will be made available on the major secondary exchanges after launch.
5% royalties will be charged on every secondary transaction, which will then be added to the Prize Pool, ultimately to be distributed to participants in the game participants.

Exclusive NFT Features



Octopus Game competitions will be hosted regularly within the upcoming Octopus Game Metaverse. The Prize Pool built up during the competition season will be distributed to the top 10 winners of each season, ultimately giving the holders a chance to reap significant cash rewards.


NFT Breeding

Let’s be honest, we’d all like enjoy some secret love in private places like bathroom. Well, look no further! If you have two or more Participant Tokens, you can take them to the bathroom for some hot action! Gas fees will be charged for each breeding, and each pair of NFTs will have a cool down period after breeding. Newly created Participant Tokens will have randomized attributes and can be sold freely on the secondary exchanges.



Octopus Game Metaverse will be further expanded to allow token holders to bet on the winner of each game hosted during any given season. Correct bets will be rewarded with multiples of their stake, depending on the betting pool. The House will charge a minimal fee for each bet placed.



Team - Chief Squid Officer 1


Chief Octopus Officer

Seasoned blockchain entrepreneur, with previous experience of successfully launching multiple crypto and NFT projects. An avid gamer who spends his spare time on Oculus Quest.

Favorite Game: Dalgona

Team - The Front Man 2


The Front Man

Curious crypto investor, always staying hungry, with a weak spot for new ideas. Holds a vast collection of NFTs for future children.

Favorite Game: Midnight Fight

Team - Game Architect 3


Game Architect

Passionate crypto investor and metaverse contents expert, with previous experience of releasing diverse digital contents. Played Axie Infinity in spare time and decided to create one.

Favorite Game: Red Light, Green Light

Team - Squid Crafter 4


Octopus Crafter

Active crypto investor since 2017 with a background in traditional finance. Loves to kick back by watching Netlifx and Youtube videos in spare time. Great fan of Squid Game created by Netflix.

Favorite Game: Marbles

Team - N-Ralph 5


Dalgona Developer

Software engineer with exceptional knowledge and expertise in metaverse development. A genuine caffeine addict, who always drinks a vanilla soy latte before starting a day.

Favorite Game: Glass Stepping Stones



Octopus Game NFT is a collection of digital art created by overlaying various pre-designed attributes on the base Octopus Game character. Each attribute is carefully hand-designed by a highly experienced artist. The assigning of attributes is achieved through a process called “minting” on the Solana blockchain, which randomizes the overlaying process using the pre-determined probabilities of each attribute. Once minted, a Octopus Game NFT becomes a unique NFT and will be transferred to your designated crypto-wallet.

Octopus Game NFTs will be strictly limited to 10,000 NFTs in total, comprising 9,500 Participant Tokens and 500 Host Tokens.

Octopus Game NFTs can be minted on the “Mint” tab on our webpage – simply connect a compatible crypto-wallet with the requisite mint fees.

We recommend Solana-compatible wallets including Phantom, Sollet and SolFlare. After minting, click on the NFT tab in your wallet and you’ll be able to see your Octopus Game NFT.

Octopus Game NFT ranks are calculated from the product of all the probabilities of their features. The NFT with the lowest probability outcome possible has the highest rank (i.e., it’s the most rare).

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